[Firehol-devs] [Firehol-support] Sanewall update

Phil Whineray phil.whineray at gmail.com
Wed May 9 20:36:22 BST 2012

Nice one Rick

There is an attempt to produce an rpm in place; you can see the results at

If you have some time at some point, it would be great if you could take a
look and suggest or make any improvements.


On 7 May 2012 21:54, Rick Marshall <rjm at zenucom.com> wrote:

> Hi Phil
> We can package and maintain packages over a number of Fedora releases
> (including latest) and provide a yum host if required
> On 07/05/2012, at 10:21 PM, Phil Whineray wrote:
> Hi All
> A quick update as it has been a while since I presented any information.
> We now have a mailing list created. If you are interested in how things
> are going or helping out, please subscribe:
>  http://lists.sanewall.org/mailman/listinfo/sanewall-dev
> I will probably make one last post to this mailing list when we have
> a 1.0 release ready; after that we will use the sanewall infrastructure
> only.
> There are two things needed to get a decent 1.0 release out in my opinion:
>  - A manual
>  - Packaging
> I will try to get enough of a manual together to justify a release in
> the next two or three weeks.
> If anyone has any packaging skills your help would be appreciated.
> In particular:
>  - Try the packages I have built so far and let me know what's broken or
>    needs changing (better yet, fix it and send a patch!):
>        http://download.sanewall.org/releases/
>    There is a bug tracker at:
>        http://bugs.sanewall.org/
>  - If you package for a distribution, please let me know if you would
>    like to include sanewall and if you need anything from me to help out.
> Regards
> Phil
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