[Firehol-devs] New firehol development

Tsaousis, Costa costa at tsaousis.gr
Tue Oct 1 14:21:18 BST 2013


That's very good news.

Access granded on github, sourceforge and freecode.

Personaly I would prefer a documentation site, like a wiki, where other
people can join and contribute.

I suggest to simplify things regarding for example mailing lists. Github
has notifications that work pretty much like a mailing list (you subscribe
to a repo for getting notifications, you receive emails for all issues, you
can respond via email but at the same the threads are organized in issues
that can be correlated to commits and releases and are available through
the web.

Phil, I let all these decisions to you.
Decide how you want to organize it and let us know.



2013/9/30 Phil Whineray <phil at sanewall.org>

> Hi Costa
> On Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 12:37:57PM +0300, Tsaousis, Costa wrote:
> > Thank you for working on firehol. I already did a check on your code; is
> > perfect! I you create a patch, please note that my development brach has
> > fast activation (it may require from you some more tweaking).
> I already took a look; hopefully it will not be too hard to do. Most of
> the work will be in splitting out the changes I made to make sure I am
> giving you the right updates.
> > Unfortunatelly in this side of the world, no one offers ipv6 yet, so I
> > don't use it. I'll be glad if you maintain ipv6 support.
> It's still rare here, but I am fortunate in that my ISP has offered it for
> a while. I'm happy to take this on.
> > I'll also be glad if you take care of releases, site/documentation and
> user
> > support. This is the main reason I stopped releasing firehol (although I
> > did commit code and updated docs in cvs). Every release required from me
> a
> > tremendous amount of time documenting it, supporting new users, fixing
> > distribution related issues, etc. I'll help, but I can't take care of it
> > entirelly by myself.
> I am willing to give it a try. Like you, I don't have as much time
> to devote as I would like - perhaps between us we can keep going better.
> I did spend some time (and had a bit of help) putting together the
> infrastructure to make sanewall releases and website updates as
> painless as possible, so I should be able to help streamline that.
> > I beleive we should use github for code and support requests. I use
> github
> > daily for very large private projects and I am excited the way it
> > associates issues with commits and releases/milestones.
> That is fine with me.
> > II would prefer and I'll be pleased if we keep the name firehol, but if
> the
> > name sanewall is a requirement from you, I'll accept it.
> FireHOL is better. It has all the history behind it and I know not
> everyone liked the name sanewall anyway.
> > If you decide we keep the name firehol, I'll give you all rights on
> firehol
> > github repo and sourceforge project.
> OK. Do you have a feel for how much infrastructure should move off
> sourceforge as part of a transition to github? Personally I think it
> will be easier if it is all moved off in the end but it can be
> transitioned gradually.
> If you agree, I will try to devote some time soon to come up with a
> list of things for consideration (website URL, docs, mailing lists, ...)
> so we can decide what stays the same, what changes and what I do first.
> Setting up a www.firehol.org website should be easy provided the domain
> owner comes forward (it currently redirects to the sourceforge page).
> Mailing lists might be a bit more work but should be possible to move too.
> I am philwhineray on both github and sourceforge, btw.
> > Do you believe we can join forces on such a basis?
> Yes, and look forward to it.
> Kind Regards
> Phil
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