[Firehol-devs] Build fail for https://github.com/philwhineray/firehol-website test

FireHOL builds builds at firehol.org
Mon Jan 27 08:00:06 GMT 2014

Deploying https://github.com/philwhineray/firehol-website branch test as test

Your build log is below...
error: Ref refs/heads/test is at 93875d748674505029b2706042d3b8005bbad34b but expected aadb46a91e12dc7b2cde000de22cfeb47986d7e6
>From https://github.com/philwhineray/firehol-website
 ! aadb46a..93875d7  test       -> test  (unable to update local ref)
error: Could not fetch origin

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