[Firehol-devs] IPv6 support

Phil Whineray phil at sanewall.org
Sat Jan 11 11:40:08 GMT 2014

On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 07:03:50PM +0000, Phil Whineray wrote:
> I'll need to look into the details of how I pull changes in when I get
> the first one. I don't know how fine-grained the github permissions
> are but I may be able to make it so that you can push straight to
> somewhere that gets published automatically, so you don't need to wait
> for me. That can be my task for tomorrow morning.

OK, I've had a look. I think pulling changes into the official repo will
be a manual task for now, however if you have a github account:
  - Clone the website repo
  - Set a webhook, using the URL described at the top of this
    (no parameters are needed):

Let me know the repository URL and branch you want to work on and I will
configure the firehol servers so that your changes get auto-published to


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