[Firehol-devs] code generation

Phil Whineray phil at sanewall.org
Sun Feb 15 08:55:09 GMT 2015

Hi Costa

When there was no builds for a couple of days I thought perhaps you
were taking a well-deserved break.

On Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 03:04:05AM +0200, Tsaousis, Costa wrote:
> To my understanding this commit contains so important changes, new
> features and optimizations, that FireHOL is now at v3 (Phil this is
> your call though).

It seems the opposite is true! Together, these are some impressive changes.
I agree this must be v3.

>From here I think there are 3 main activities:
 - get as wide testing as possible
 - get the documentation done internally
 - update the website

Unless you disagree with this approach I will put together a 3.0.0-rc.1
fairly soon (should be today) and announce on the lists and website
to encourage people to start testing.

I will also see about putting in place a basic unit test structure,
better than the regression one I had which allows us to track when
results change. This seems like an appropriate time, in that I would
like to create a number of test configurations, so recording the
results seems sensible.

I will also create a v2 branch and a 2.0.1 release to apply a bugfix
when plain iptables statements are used by the user. I hope most
people will jump straight to v3 but any that don't should have that patch.


P.S. Final question - the latest changes include this - I don't
understand the removal? If it is intentional then lines 768-769 need
removing from doc/services-db.data so that the code does not expect
to find a helper when building the docs.

@@ -2091,10 +2169,6 @@ client_microsoft_ds_ports="default"
 server_mms_ports="tcp/1755 udp/1755"
-# this will produce warnings on most distribution
-# because the mms module is not there:

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