[Firehol-support] redirecting ports

Jule Slootbeek jslootbeek at clarku.edu
Mon Sep 8 06:09:45 BST 2003

Hi i just started using Firehol on my firewall and I'm kinda confused.
My Firewall/Gateway is and i have some
servers running behind that hosts a webserver and a IRC
server for example, now i want to know what the best way is to redirect
ports 80 and 6667 on the gateway to and
respectively. I'm not sure whether to use dnat, snat, redirect or
Thanks alot.
So far i'm really liking how FireHol is running on my system. I will
post my firehol.conf below.


note: i still have to add the rules for the IRC server
> version 5
> interface eth1 home
>         server ssh accept
>         server icmp accept
>         server http accept
>         server dhcp accept
>         server cvspserver accept
>         client ssh accept
>         client cvspserver accept
>         client http accept
> interface eth0 internet
>         server http accept
>         server cvspserver accept
>         server ssh accept
>         client all accept
> router internet2home inface eth0 outface eth1
>         masquerade reverse
>         client all   accept
>         server ident reject with tcp-reset

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