[Firehol-support] Help trying to get postgres working

James Bean james at hdcs.com.au
Sat Apr 17 23:53:16 BST 2004

I do apologise this is a second post of the same thing, I accidently had
HTML enabled on the email...


Hi, I am attempting to swap from gdbm to postgresql for holding data. 

I configure and compile ipac 1.27 with 

./configure --enable-classic=no --enable-default-access=postgre

And followed all the instructions for creating the postgresql database
and users etc, everything went through and passed, including checking
the databases through webmin...

But when I start ipac-ng with fetchipac -S I get the following error 

[root at redhat sysbackup]# fetchipac -S 
Connection to database '(null)' failed. 
FATAL:  Database "root" does not exist in the system catalog. 
fetchipac: error while opening access database 
cant operate while database access is absent 

My ipac.conf is as follows 

[root at redhat sysbackup]# cat /etc/ipac-ng/ipac.conf 
# This is the main ipac-ng configuration file.  It contains the 
# configuration directives that give the ipac-ng its instructions. 

## mode of operations: operate only like old ipac or not 
classic mode = no 

## specify access agent. supported are: files, postg. files works with
classic mode only 
access agent = postgre 

## accouting agent. iptables and ipchains available now. (ipchains is
not supported in nonclassic mode) 
account agent = iptables 

## storage. gdbm, postgre and files supported. (files is not
storage = postgre 

## rules file for classic mode 
rules file = /etc/ipac-ng/rules.conf 

## login all users at startup (specific only for nonclassic mode) (only
those who has enough cash) 
login at start = yes 

## support for traffic passing to\from auth host (specific only for
nonclassic mode) 
## name or ip of the auth host 
## disable support if not specified, 
##auth host = sibinet.com 

# dont store lines contains only zeroes to speedup processing and to
save space 
drop zero lines = yes 

Any help would be very much appreciated... 


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