[Firehol-support] whitelisting

Spike Spiegel debianix at yahoo.it
Thu Jul 15 14:00:25 BST 2004

Hi all,

I've setup firehol (debian sarge pkg) on a box here on my private lan.
Goal is to isolate that box from the rest of the lan, but let a specific
box access it via ssh, meanwhile let internet access some services I'm
hosting there. To do this I've used blacklist helper as
"blacklist full". This works as expected and I can't even
ping the machine in question from inside the lan. Then I looked into
documentation to find a way to open only ssh for a certain ip but couldn't
get a working config.  Current firehol.conf follows:

version 5

blacklist full

interface eth0 ethlan
	protection full 10/sec 10
	policy drop
	server "ssh icmp http" accept
	client all accept

I tryed to add "server ssh accept src", but it didn't work.

In general, is there a reason why whitelisting isn't implemented as
blacklist is? I expected to find a helper like "whitelist full... ips",
adding iptables rules before blacklist ones.

any hint?



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