[Firehol-support] Messages and messages and messages

Christian - Salcam christian at salcam.com.br
Mon Jun 21 16:11:25 BST 2004

    Hi, guys,
    My firewall is running perfectly, really beautyfull  = ). Thanks to everybody of this project.
    The only thing is not OK is the amount of messages in the server's screen. I change the line FIREHOL_LOG_LEVEL="info"  (was "warning" before) but the messages don't stop. What I need to do to stop this messages?

    The messages look like this:

    IN-unknown : IN=eth1 OUT= MAC= ff:ff:ff...  C= DST= LEN=78 TOS= 0X00 PREC=OXOO TTL=128 ID=STOP PROTO=UDP

    Thanks again,

Christian Prediger Appel
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