[Firehol-support] Help putting in new servers.

Michael Thompson mike at thompsonmike.co.uk
Thu Mar 18 00:34:55 GMT 2004

Hi Firehol-support,

  I apologise if this is stupidly newbie type question, but I cant see
  the reason it's happening, perhaps I am looking to hard.


  I have firehol set up with the following config



# Interface No 1.

        server_apcupsd_ports="tcp/6666 udp/6666"

interface eth0 Int_Traf src "" dst

        policy reject

        server ICMP accept 
        server apcupsdnis accept src
        server ntp accept 
        server snmp accept src
        server ssh accept 
        server telnet accept
        server http accept
        server apcupsd accept src

        client all accept

# Interface No 2.

interface eth0 Ext_Traf src not "${UNROUTABLE_IPS}" dst

        policy drop
        client all accept


  Now the problem is that I can not get my slave server to see the
  Apc master UPS. I have set up a server to allow port 6666, but the
  master complains that it cannot see the slave, and running a NMAP
  scan on the slave shows that port 6666 is not open. The service is
  of course running on the slave

  Any one offer any insight into why I cant get the two machines too
  see each other??

Best regards,
 Michael (mike at thompsonmike.co.uk)
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