[Firehol-support] lan-gateway/multiple public interfaces/services on the router

William Lewis Brown bbrown at addtoit.com
Wed Mar 31 17:32:23 BST 2004

	I am a brand new firehol user.  I have some requirements which are not
met by the lan-gateway example script.  I was wondering if anyone
written a script to fulfill similar needs.  Frankly, I was hoping to
borrow a script and customize it as required.  So, here are the needs I
have not addressed by the lan-gateway example in order of my preference:

1. Support for multiple external interfaces.  Due to the fact that I use
GRE tunnels, I have 7 such interfaces.
2. Support for services running on the router like DHCP/DNS...
3. Support for SNAT or MASQ depending upon the config of the multiple
external interface.
4. Support for multiple trusted interfaces.( For extra credit. :-) )

	I could use all of the above in addition to these features already
supported by the lan-gateway example.  If you have a script with a
subset of the above, that would be great.  I will be maintaining this
script, so perhaps we could share this burden.

	Thanks for your time and your help.

				Bill Brown

William L. Brown
Work:  603-465-2114
Email: bbrown at addtoit.com

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