[Firehol-support] howto configure high priority traffic (ssh)?

Bernhard J. M. Gruen bjmg at h0t.de
Thu May 20 10:33:58 BST 2004


I would like to set up some rules to optimize the speed of a ssh 
connection (to an ssh server NOT in my private network). I saw that 
there exist some -t mangle rules but I don't know yet the "best" rules 
for doing that. I know that this question has nearly nothing to do with 
FireHOL but on this list are some really good firewall experts. Anyway 
it would also be a nice enhancement to FireHOL if something like high 
priority traffic (with mangle and TOS or in general QoS) would be 
supported. This way a server can answer (for example) ssh connections 
even if it is under high load during a for example DoS attack.

Bernhard Gruen, Germany

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