[Firehol-support] howto configure high priority traffic (ssh)?

Bernhard J. M. Gruen bjmg at h0t.de
Thu May 20 13:41:54 BST 2004

JusTiCe8 wrote:

> I have find a good solution to gain QoS running well on a linux box 
> and with not so much pain, I hame write a documentation (in french 
> yet) about what I have done at : 
> http://perso.wanadoo.fr/justice8/linux/qos.html, you just have to 
> download, compile and install dsl_qos_queue 
> (http://www.sonicspike.net/software/#dsl_qos_queue), add some rules in 
> your firehol.conf like (inspired from dsl_qos_queue doc):
> iptables -t mangle -A MYSHAPER-OUT -p tcp --dport 80 -j MARK 
> --set-mark 22   # http
> iptables -t mangle -A MYSHAPER-OUT -p tcp --dport 443 -j MARK 
> --set-mark 22   # https
> iptables -t mangle -A MYSHAPER-OUT -p tcp --dport 110 -j MARK 
> --set-mark 23   # POP3
> iptables -t mangle -A MYSHAPER-OUT -p tcp --dport 25 -j MARK 
> --set-mark 23   # SMTP
> and everything will be fine :).


thank you very much for your big help! This is the thing I needed. It is 
(nearly) no problem for me to read french texts so I was able to 
implement the same to my configuration.

A bientôt ;-)

Bernhard Gruen, Germany

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