[Firehol-support] Hi

JusTiCe8 justice8 at wanadoo.fr
Tue May 25 19:25:17 BST 2004


Christian - Salcam wrote:

>     Hi, everybody, everytinhg almost ok?  = )
>     I would like to know if there's a basic package containing the 
> firehol's needs. Let me be more specific:
>     This is my first time with Firehol in Debian, and when I try to 
> run it, I received a "there's not gawk in the path". I install it, and 
> try again. Then: "There's not ip in the path". I try to find  this ip 
> package using apt-get, but it didn't work. And all my IP 
> configuration are OK, so I don't know what to do.

It's good choice ;).

Maybe you could take a look at fireHol unstable package dependencies in 
debian package page.

for example : ip comes from net/iproute package (iproute in net section).

>     Any help would be appreciated,
>     Thanks

you're welcome.

> Christian Prediger Appel



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