[Firehol-support] RFC: alternative for bash's array variables ("hardware" routers with busybox)

c.gatzemeier at web.de c.gatzemeier at web.de
Wed Nov 17 18:44:47 GMT 2004


in the meantime I did find another idea to emulate bash's array variables in 
the busybox list archieve.

Now I am wondering about the best approach to start patching FireHOL so that 
it runs as good as it can on both BASH and ASH. example() contains I think 
the most common way array variables are used in FireHOL.

If you look at the array_*() functions attatched, they shouldn't require 
command substitution or recursive searches anymore. I don't know how to 
escape spaces within fields when "trunking" yet, though (sed ...?). At this 
point there is only a comment at the place where this would need to be done.

Kind Regards,

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