[Firehol-support] Re: Iptables command help

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Tue Oct 12 01:25:52 BST 2004

On 11 Oct 2004, Michaël Houzé wrote:


>> I am trying to make sure the Mark and TS lines are inserted correctly.
>> (Trying to do some bandwidth throttling for some users by marking
>> certain parkets, still learning how to do it, open to suggestions :-) )
> There is no reason to runs these commands inside FireHOL itself, just 
> configure what you wish, (re)launch FireHOL, then check the output of 
> these commands in a terminal.

Actually, there are several reasons to do so:

The ability of firehol to test a configuration and, if it broke
everything, recover automatically is the best reason I know for doing
all the firewall stuff inside it.

The other, and more pertinent, reason is that firehol will flush the
existing firewall completely, removing these settings you manually

Er, unless firehol is unaware of the particular table, which could
probably be construed as a bug with firehol.

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