[Firehol-support] Re: FireHOL LOG level and log

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Wed Sep 8 03:13:12 BST 2004

On 7 Sep 2004, Michaƫl Houz wrote:
> maybe I miss something, I wonder why with FIREHOL_LOG_LEVEL="4" 
> statement, I get lot's of logs for normal traffic like :

The 'LOG_LEVEL' controls how "serious" a blocked/dropped packet is
considered by the code, not how many packets are logged.


> Is FireHOL should not generate such rule ?

Firehol does the right thing by logging all traffic that you don't have
an explicit rule for by default.

> Or there is another option to avoid logging of normal packet ?

Perhaps you want to look at tuning the level down very low, then
adjusting your syslog configuration to discard those message?

That is where the decision about which log files the packets are
recorded to is made.  (With the normal LOG target, of course.)

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