[Firehol-support] Router/gateway running ok with static routes but with FireHol dont work!!!

Rèmy Arthur de Abreu Pestana remy at cepel.br
Sun Aug 7 23:24:46 BST 2005

 I have a linux Fedora 3 Router/gateway  running ok with static routes to my 4 
local nets, when running Firehol, the Firewall work but the routing to the 
nets defined in the static routes don't work when users access machines from 
the subnets to subnets or from subnets to the backbone in eth0 (Local 
interface of Firehol/Gateway Machine).

Any Idea, suggestion?

PS) the IPs on local subnets and my backbone are Valid Internet IPs of my 
range of valid Internet IPs  (XXX.YYY.0.0/16).



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