[Firehol-support] drop vs accept

Rick Marshall rjm at zenucom.com
Mon Dec 5 03:53:43 GMT 2005

very important as i'd like to have a blanket policy across the high 
ports (1025:65535) of drop, but open up some as required.

i could then use reject selectively where i want to be firendly.

but there's so many unfriendly packets arriving i intend to be 
unfriendly back and not reject, but rather drop the packets. might slow 
down some of their probing.

i guess if "policy drop" worked and didn't log the packets i wouldn't be 
thinking this way.


Carlos Rodrigues wrote:

>On 12/5/05, Rick Marshall <rjm at zenucom.com> wrote:
>>am i correct in assuming that if i have a "server accept.." command
>>followed by a "server reject..." then the accept will act and the
>>packets from the acceptable servers will arrive. anything else falls
>>through to the reject line (i want to make it a drop line).
>I guess you are right, but what's the point? If the policy for the
>interface is "reject", then the "server reject" line is redundant
>Carlos Rodrigues
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