[Firehol-support] DNAT, routing, interfaces

Daniel L. Miller dmiller at amfes.com
Sat Feb 12 23:34:15 GMT 2005

If I want to redirect a request from the Internet to an internal host, 
which of the following lines do I need?  I'm still trying to understand 
the differences.

dnat to "${BASTION_IP}" inface "${AMFESEXT_IF}" dst "${AMFESEXT_IP}" 
proto tcp dport 80 log "forwarding http"

interface "${AMFESEXT_IF}" internet src not "${UNROUTABLE_IPS} 
        server http accept

router internet2lan inface "${AMFESEXT_IF}" outface "${AMFESLAN_IF}"
        protection strong 100/sec 50
        server http accept


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