[Firehol-support] Allowing DynDNS hostnames

Goetz Bock bock at blacknet.de
Thu Feb 24 16:43:28 GMT 2005

On Thu, Feb 24 '05 at 17:22, listen at netcologne.de wrote:
> I have a user with a dynamically IP address and what him to allow
> access to my server. So, how can I allow "x.bla.dyndns"? At the
> moment, it is converted into a IP address, so after the IP changes
> (although the hostname stays the same), the user isn't allowed to
> connect at all...
You can not. The kernel internal firewall only works with IP addresses.

You might want to considder using a VPN to access your server. 

Or poll for changes in the dyndns name resolving and restart the
firewall as soon as you detect the change.
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