[Firehol-support] Logging to terminal and squid

cnavarro at ssi.co.cr cnavarro at ssi.co.cr
Wed Jan 5 14:03:56 GMT 2005

Hi everybody. I just installed and try fireHOL. I think is great, a very
easy to understand language.

Well, my problem is that firehol is sending output to the terminal and I
don't want this because it doesn't matter what I'm doing, it sends the
output every time a host connects or try to. So, is there any way to
disable this by redirecting the output to a file or daemon?
I'm a linux newbie, just like 9 months of experience.

I'm currently using red hat 9 as is, I mean, no upgrades. Using kernell
2.4. Do i need to use kernell 2.6?

Another question, can I use firehol to redirect mail from internet to my
LAN, smtp and pop3? I'm also running squid 2.5. I know squid doesn't work
with mail, but is there any way i can make it coexist?

This box is just a testing server, because a feel more confortable using
rh9 right now than any other distro. Later on, I plan to change to fedora,
maybe in a couple of months.

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