[Firehol-support] Multilink / PPP bonding with Firehol ?

Harry Sufehmi milis-2 at harrysufehmi.com
Sat Jul 2 06:08:52 BST 2005


I'm planning to install multiple dial-up connection in my server.
At the moment, we have wireless connection on the server, set up as ppp0 
interface. Below is the current firehol.conf in that server:

version 5

### provides internet access for the users
router lan2internet inface eth0 outface ppp+
route all accept

### no service limitations for incoming connection from LAN
interface eth0 lan
policy accept

### Internet: free outbound access, totally block incoming access
interface ppp+ internet
client all accept

We wish to install another wireless connection at this server, say, named ppp1.

Is there any way to enable our users to access the Internet via both 
interfaces (ppp0 & ppp1), using firehol ?

I've been looking at firehol's docs, googling around, but couldn't find any 
mention about this kind of scenario.

Any pointers will be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,

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