[Firehol-support] Help to config firehol

KOUASSI Théodore theodore_kouadio at yahoo.fr
Wed Jul 20 11:23:58 BST 2005

Morning sir,

I'm French user of firhol. I'm my first using of
I need a  firewall to protect only my mail server (I
have the same machine to the firewall and the mail
server). So for have a correct configuration I have
use the example of firehol in
/usr/share/doc/firehol/doc/office.conf that not all
the configuration.

Now what I need are these:
Firt : all files can use to configure firehol (example
need firehol.conf) I need the rest of file which can
be important for somebody who want to build a
Second : the command what I can use to analyse the
correct configuration (example : sysctl - F
/etc/pf.conf whan we use pf in openBSD).

Thank you Sir


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