[Firehol-support] [OT] Micro ISP Howto?

Goetz Bock bock at blacknet.de
Mon Jun 6 09:36:44 BST 2005

On Mon, Jun 06 '05 at 02:12, Jean-Michel Hiver wrote:
> Guys, this is completely OFF TOPIC but I don't really know where to find 
> information about this.
Yes it is.

> I would like to share my DSL internet connection with my sister through 
> a 56k dial-up link (she can only do dial up). I'm wondering what modem I 
> need to buy and which kind of config I need to do on my side (including 
> PPPD config and of course NATting issues).

The kind of modem realy depends on what kind of line you have. AFAIK
there are no modems that can connect with 56k from one analog-line to
another. There are/were "USR Courier vEverything" and "ZyXEL Elite
2864I" ISDN TAs that were able to allow another modem to connect with
56kbps. Both are expensive, if you get them at all.

For ppp there is a nicht howto in the mgetty sources. If you want to use
your dialin for more than just ppp, e.g. to dial-in for maintainance,
you want to use mgetty on the serial-line.

NATing is simple, just like you already do: nat everything leaving your
system through your dialup interface.

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