[Firehol-support] blocking (without logging) broadcasts

Jeroen Versteeg j.versteeg at student.utwente.nl
Mon Mar 21 20:02:48 GMT 2005


I just setup FireHOL for my little server. It works great but I have one 
iptables logs rejected broadcasts, one per second, which really messes 
up /var/log/messages

I'm trying to find the best way to ignore (drop, don't log) broadcasts 
but I have a few problems:
1.) What is the most elegant way to capture broadcasts?
Using an interface with a destination wildcard like  *.*.*.255 should do 
fine, something like:
interface eth0 netbroadcasts dst "*.*.*.255"
I can't find any syntax for using wildcards.

2.) How to stop logging everything for that broadcast?
server all log 1
seems a bit hacky and it doesn't even work since "all is a complex server".

What are your thoughts?

Thanks in advance,
Jeroen Versteeg

PS: Just a suggestion:
I'm not that good with IP addressing and haven't even touched iptables 
and I found the documentation on logging (FIREHOL_LOG_ parameters and 
log rule) too difficult to understand. Maybe providing a few examples 
could make things more clear?

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