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Rick Marshall rjm at zenucom.com
Wed May 4 00:39:10 BST 2005

Gary Luker wrote:

> This is a question that has bothered me for a while. We have a local 
> ISP that run pppoa. I build a lot of linux firewalls, and need to know 
> a answer to a problem. I am aware of the setup for a pppoe scenario, 
> but for a pppoa I am lost. The routers we use are router/modems. Do I 
> need to enable a bridge between my external interface and the 
> modem/router or what to set this up properly. I cannot use rp-adsl. 
> Someone please help.
i can only comment on what i do here in australia......

do you have a permanent/fixed ip address?

when i set up the routers for ppoa vc-mux - i set the lan address on the 
router to the router address given by my isp, the address on the 
interface of the firewall is the fixed ip given by the isp and the 
gateway route is the router ip.....

| INTERNET | <--> | ADSL ROUTER/MODEM | <--> | FIREWALL | <--> | 

                                   ROUTER   FIXED
                                    IP        IP

this is not a bridge....

not sure if this helps, but it is the our most common connection.

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