[Firehol-support] masquerade vs. snat

Costa Tsaousis costa at tsaousis.gr
Sun Nov 6 08:05:23 GMT 2005

Carlos Rodrigues wrote:

>So, I heard that SNAT is more efficient than MASQUERADE when the
>gateway machine has a static address, so I proceeded to change my
>firehol.conf from...
>masquerade ${world_iface} src "${internal_network1} ${internal_network2}"
>snat to ${gw_address} outface ${world_iface} src "${internal_network1}
>However, this doesn't work. AFAIK, both lines seem to do the same
>thing, but masquerade works, and snat doesn't.
What you describe cannot be happening. Could you please check the packet 
counter in the output of

iptables -nxvL -t nat

or add a log parameter to you statement and check the logs for packets 
If you don't have packets matching, the problem is elsewere...


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