[Firehol-support] whats the deal with sourceport

Redeeman redeeman at metanurb.dk
Sat Oct 8 22:50:43 BST 2005

hello, i was wondering, why is some connections blocked because of the
source port being incorrect, should it matter what sourceport stuff
comes from?

its beause i tried to make my own nfs service, and found that it didnt
work because of source port, this fixed though:

server_redeenfs_ports="udp/32767 tcp/32767 udp/4001 tcp/4001 udp/2049

but isnt it abit ugly having such a wide range in the firewall?

another question..

this sourceport is only accepted on the nfs service then right? so it
doesent just allow access to any of the services from that sourceport
(if service is accepted)

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