[Firehol-support] Use client all (without irc and ftp modules)

Costa Tsaousis costa at tsaousis.gr
Tue Oct 18 21:10:05 BST 2005

Gabriel CORRE wrote:

>But I see the "client all" force loading of irc and ftp modules.
>But this server is for a production way, without ftp and irc!
>Is there exists a "all"-like to accept all (but without loading any addictionnal modules) ?
Check service 'any'.

>For now, I only take solution to:
>- edit firehol (lib)
>- search "rules_all" definition
>- comment the end line:
>#        local ser=
>#        for ser in ${ALL_SHOULD_ALSO_RUN}
>#        do
>#                "${type}" ${ser} "$@" || return 1
>#        done
>Finaly i'm duplicated (and renamed to rules_allnoircftp) the rules_all definition without final line...
>and use "client allnoircftp accept". That run like I want.
>Do you know another way to do ?
If you don't want to use the service 'any', you could:

1. Simply, empty the ALL_SHOULD_ALSO_RUN variable in the config file (at 
the top):


2. Define your 'all' service:


and then use 'myall' instead of 'all'.


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