[Firehol-support] FIREHOL_LOG_OPTION

Costa Tsaousis costa at tsaousis.gr
Tue Oct 18 21:20:26 BST 2005

Richard Williams wrote:

> Hi Everyone
> I want to change the LOG option to ‘err’. I put in a general line into 
> my script following the instructions in the documentation - 
> FIREHOL_LOG_OPTIONS=”—log-level err”. However this caused the 
> generated iptables statements to have two log-level parameters – one 
> for the default level of info and one for my supplied level of err and 
> so the firewall script was not implemented because of this error. 
> Where should I have put the FIREHOL statement to avoid getting the 
> error message?
Use FIREHOL_LOG_LEVEL to set the level. Example:



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