[Firehol-support] QoS in firehol

Redeeman redeeman at metanurb.dk
Wed Sep 28 09:36:44 BST 2005


first, the QoS thing.
do you think you could include traffic shaping/QoS in firehol so that i
could somehow define shaping, so i could make sure that all box'es on
the lan gets equal bandwidth on the internet if they all try to leech
like insane. or perhaps so i can define which should have such and such
percentage in case both/all try to use alot.

i really love how firehol has this easy "language" to do really complex
things easy, but there is no such thing for traffic shaping/QoS, and its
REALLY REALLY hard to use, so if this were incorporated into firehol it
would simply own.

Kasper Sandberg.

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