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Brian Snipes Brian at hwnn.com
Tue Sep 27 19:45:21 BST 2005

I use swatch - http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Protect_SSHD_with_Swatch 
Instead of adding the rules to a dedicated swatch chain, I insert mine into the INPUT chain and I have my logs check for invalid users.  If an unknown username tries to access the server, a rule is auto inserted to DROP all packets from that IP address and I get an email on it.  If a valid username but an invalid password is tried, I get an email on it. 

>>>kick <kick at kick.no-ip.info> 09/27/05 1:32 pm >>>
does anyone know if i can block individual ip's easily?
am getting this in my logcheck

Security Events
Sep 27 02:42:22 irc-firewall-mail sshd[10855]: Illegal user admin from ::ffff:
Sep 27 02:42:22 irc-firewall-mail sshd[10857]: Illegal user admin from ::ffff:
thanx in advance :)

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