[Firehol-support] First install of Firehol

seekuel sandeil_tenebro at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 7 14:26:58 BST 2006


This is my first time to use firehole. The cohsen OS is CentOS.

To make things clearer:
Server A (firehole is used and is the mail server)
Server B (firehole is not used and is the DNS server)

The server A  can send and receive mail. But the outside wold cannot access the server even if I use a public proxy.

The servers A and B are connected to same hub, server B can access/browse the server A. Server B can be publicly access/browes.

I already checked the DNS entry and I see nothing wrong.

Attached is the firehol.conf I used. This was generated using /etc/init.d/firehol helpme > /tmp/firehol.conf added and removed some services.

Please help

Thanks and more power

-- Sandeil

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