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Richard Williams richard at everything4it.co.uk
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I’ve been using Firehol for a few months but I’m still pretty new to the
whole topic of iptables.  I’ve got a server set up that’s using Firehol and
that’s working great.  The firehol.conf is based on the lan-gateway example.


Now I’ve had to set-up an extra server on a separate LAN and separate
broadband connection.  The ‘modem’ used for this provides the WLAN IP via
DHCP and this also causes resolv.conf to have the nameserver set to the
modem’s IP (nameserver  I’ve used the same firehol settings as
before but this is now causing a problem as DNS queries from the server to
the modem are being blocked.  I can get round this by modifying resolv.conf
to include other external DNS IPs but this isn’t a good long term solution.


For various reasons I can’t change the broadband modem or the way it is set
up and I need a proper firewall as the modem allows all external traffic
through to the server.


What extra ‘rules’ do I need to put in firehol.conf to allow DNS queries to
flow between the server (external IP and the modem


Thanks for your help.




Richard Williams


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