[Firehol-support] Firehol Status?

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Tue Dec 12 02:15:18 GMT 2006

Costa Tsaousis <costa at tsaousis.gr> writes:
> firehol firehol wrote:
>> Hello, Everyone:
>> I've been looking at fireehol to configure the firewalls on my
>> machines.


>> Do people use this firewall on real, working mail and DNS servers?
>> Am I making some sort of mistake in my configs? I would love to get
>> firehol working for my purposes.
> I use it in a data-center with several hundreds of linux machines,
> including high performance DNS and mail servers.  I am sure lots of
> other people are using it in a similar way without problems.

Yes.  I use it in a large number of installations, service a wide range
of protocols, including mail and DNS.  It works perfectly in these
cases; we have no unexpected failures.

The largest is a service that provides hosting -- web, email and DNS --
and moves around 400KB/second of traffic, 24x7.  No problems there.

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