[Firehol-support] Firehol Status?

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Wed Dec 13 18:28:57 GMT 2006

Hello, Everyone:

Thanks for all the feedback.

I really like the overall functionality and feel of firehol and would like
to use it in production at some point.

Looking at the cvs code, it looks like there's been a large handful of
changes since the last release, which was now almost two years ago.  It also
looks like there's known issues with UNROUTABLE_IPS and/or PRIVATE_IPS.

I understand that it takes effort and time to do a new release, but it looks
like a firehol needs one. Are there things that we in the community can do
to help with the next release? I'll be taking a look at the CVS version

Also, I have a question (or perhaps a feature request). I've been naming my
firehol rules things like "dst-externalip", which results in iptables chains
with names like "out_dst-outside_dns_c8".  Is there some description of the
suffixes (the _c8) part in the chain name?

The feature request would be to replace the _c8 with a more meaningful name.


On 12/11/06, Daniel Pittman <daniel at rimspace.net> wrote:
> Costa Tsaousis <costa at tsaousis.gr> writes:
> > firehol firehol wrote:
> >> Hello, Everyone:
> >>
> >> I've been looking at fireehol to configure the firewalls on my
> >> machines.
> [...]
> >> Do people use this firewall on real, working mail and DNS servers?
> >> Am I making some sort of mistake in my configs? I would love to get
> >> firehol working for my purposes.
> >
> > I use it in a data-center with several hundreds of linux machines,
> > including high performance DNS and mail servers.  I am sure lots of
> > other people are using it in a similar way without problems.
> Yes.  I use it in a large number of installations, service a wide range
> of protocols, including mail and DNS.  It works perfectly in these
> cases; we have no unexpected failures.
> The largest is a service that provides hosting -- web, email and DNS --
> and moves around 400KB/second of traffic, 24x7.  No problems there.
> Regards,
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