[Firehol-support] trouble with limit 1000/s 1000

Marcel Gsteiger Marcel.Gsteiger at milprog.ch
Tue Dec 4 14:30:26 GMT 2007

Hi all

I was using older firehol 1.226 for a long time. Now I wanted to upgrade to 1.256 .

My firewall script that worked flawlessly before now caused lots of errors.

The errors came from the fact that I hat several limits with more than 3 digits, e.g.

service xxxx accept with limit 1000/s 1000

In the newer version, this caused iptable names longer than 30 characters, which are obviously not allowed.

I modified these lines to show 999/s 999 instead (which does not make much of a difference), but I think it would be wise to generate more abbreviated names for these targets.


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