[Firehol-support] dnat and port redirection question....

Les Stott les at cyberpro.com.au
Sun Jul 15 15:59:22 BST 2007


i have an internal lan, say

I have two internal servers that i want to access rdp ports on. 
Obviously i can use DNAT rules, but i cant do both for 3389. or not that 
i know of.


if i have server1 as ......

dnat to $SERVER1 inface ppp+ proto tcp dport "3389"

router in2server1 dst $SERVER2 inface ppp+
        masquerade reverse
        server rdp accept

That means 3389 is "taken" on the firewall.

How can i setup the firewall so that it also accepts rdp to port 3390, 
but redirects it to SERVER2 which listens on port 3389 also????




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