[Firehol-support] firehol + squid + squidguard / dansguardian

Linux Advocate linuxhousedn at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 12 13:40:10 BST 2007

Hello List members,

I have not received any email in this list, so i m not
sure if there is anybody here but i m taking a liking
to firehol, so here goes....i need some help becos of
weakness in overall understanding.

School  Environment - 50 PCs max 

a.one zyxel prestige 600 router with static ip

b.one server  (which we hope to have firehol, squid,
dansguardian (running transparently ) , dhcp) with
three NICs. The internet provider has given us static
ip 200.x.y.81 with subnet and gateway
200.x.y.80 ( pointing to the zyxel prestige router)

c. The LAN machines ( which we shall provide NAT) have
IPs of 192.168.0.x , 40 PCs for students , 10 PCs for

d. There is an accounts server that we want to
restrict access to clerks only - unfortunately , its
running windows 2003 ( not linux ). we want to link
this machine to the third NIC and prevent students
from accessing it.

e. the students must access the internet through the
content filtering by dansguardian.

Could u recomend a configuration for me to follow?
that incorporates the above?


Sorry i m new to firehol. Pls hlp.

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