[Firehol-support] Routing to an IPP Printer doesn't work

M O mofog at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 17 11:34:12 BST 2007

Hello everybody!

I configured Firehol to protect my server and my three internal networks and 
it works just great. The next step would be to allow some computers from 
network A to access the network printer on network B. So I added this rule

router ComputerA2IPPPrinterB src dst
    route      all     accept

Afterwards, I can access the printer's webinterface using any browser, but 
the actual printjob doesn't get through. There are no hints in the logfiles. 
I checked the the output of "iptables --list" using webmin (provides a nicer 
representation) and found two accordig rules:

Accept	If source is and destination is
Accept	If source is and destination is

It does not work, though.

My MacBook puts this in its logfiles while processing a printjob:

E [17/Jun/2007:12:30:49 +0200] [Job 16] Unable to get printer status 

Thank you for any suggestions in advance!

Have a nice day

Morin Ostkamp

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