[Firehol-support] multi nic isolation single server

Ryan McDowell RMMcDowell at Comcast.net
Mon Nov 5 02:51:24 GMT 2007

Hello everyone

I have a simple question hopefully... I have a gatewayfirewallserver 
machine that has multiple nic cards. I was able to set up my firewall 
easily thanks to fireHol only thing I need to add is isolation between 
nics. Well at least the internel ones. One nic is internet and the other 
two are local net. I need to make sure that the two local nets can't 
interact with each other. At present I can ping and web page view across 
these two interfaces. One has an address zone of the other I'm not an expert in networking. I hope this isn't a 
stupid question. I hope you can help. Thanks Ryan Mc

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