[Firehol-support] Special Rule to redirect to an internal server on different port

Les Stott les at cyberpro.com.au
Mon Apr 21 02:33:54 BST 2008


How would i achieve the following.......

InternalServer= , runs rdp on port 3389
InternalServer2=192.168.101 , runs rdp on port 3389


i want to enable direct access to rdp ports on both servers. Not my 
decision, my client wants this.

obviously i can have 3389 dnat'ed through for one, direct to 3389.

dnat to $InternalServer inface ppp+ proto tcp dport 3389

router fileserver dst $InternalServer inface "ppp+"
        server rdp accept

This works fine.

But how can i also do rdp to $InternalServer on 3389? i.e. access from 
outside to <externalip>:3388 redirected to $InternalServer2:3389. Is it 

Normally i would just change the internal server to run rdp on 3388, but 
my client doesn't want to do that.

The only other way i know would be to use rinetd on the firewall, which 
would work, but if i can do it all in firehol i'd be happy.

Hope that makes sense,



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