[Firehol-support] Did you get my email?

Louise Reeves louise at ybcresearch1.com
Sun Aug 17 05:19:18 BST 2008


I haven't had a reply to my recent email, and just wanted to make sure you got it. To jog your memory, it was regarding a commercial partnership opportunity with yourBusinessChannel. 

Could you please let me know if I need to send it again? And if you haven't had a chance to reply yet, sorry to chase, but I am really eager to make contact with you. 

Hear from you soon? 

Kind regards 

Louise Reeves
Researcher - editorial and commercial team 
+44 7876 221 261 

For and on Behalf of 

André Dent - Broadcasting Partnership Manager 

US + 1 814 806 2173 

UK +44 207 193 3810

Mob + 44 787 622 1261 

Fax + 44 870 421 4760 

andre at yourbusinesschannel.com 


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