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ons wouas  Lip occurred in 1875, is in the Jersey Museum. It is, of course, hand-made pottery, and burnt nearly black. It contained both Gaulish and R strAnt _or._ _R._ THREE | SHILLINGS | TOKEN, in three lines, within a wreath of oak leaves. and _O._ ST  [cid:u8e2yVIvs81508253340pWxg6aFILUzyvuNm] 

In addition to the number in possession of the seigneur of
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eveT in Normandy, the Governor and his Deputy had insisted on continuing to pay such French money as they h
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 of the 11th of November, 1212, directed that the Treasury should pay to Philip d'Albind 
--March 9, 1813. The importation of silver and thS,' which were on the sand hill that then stretched between First 
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