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Nny. 50 THE DETECTIVE TRIO; or, The Story of Three Daring Country Lads.
A $2.00 Book for 25 Cents! Old Secrets and New Discoveries. Containing
Information of Rare Value for all Classes, in all Conditions of Society.
[Illustration: The mesmerist and his subject.] It Tells all about
_Electrical Psychology_, showing how you can biologize any person, and,
while under the influence, he will do anything you may wish him no
matter how ridiculous it may be, and he cannot help doing it. It Tells
how to _Mesmerize_. Knowing this, you can place any person in a mesmeric
sleep, and then be able to do with him as you will. This secret has been
sold over and over again for $10. It Tells how to make persons at a
distance think of you--Something all lovers should know. It Tells how
you can charm all those you meet and make them love you, whether they
will or not. It Tells how Spiritualists and others can make writing
appear on the arm in blood characters, as performed by Foster and all
noted magicians. It Tells how to make a cheap Galvanic Battery; how to
plate and gild without a battery; how to make a candle burn all night;
how to make a clock for 25 cents; how to detect counterfeit money; how
to banish and prevent mosquitoes from biting; how to make yellow butter
in winter; Circassian curling fluid; Sympathetic or Secret Writing Ink;
Cologne Water; Artificial Honey; Stammering; how to make large noses
small; to cure drunkenness; to copy letters without a press; to obtain
fresh-blown flowers in winter; to make good burning candles from lard.
It Tells how to make a horse appear as though he was badly foundered; to
make a horse temporarily lame; how to make him stand by his food and not
eat it; how to cure a horse from the crib or sucking wind; how to put a
young countenance on the horse; how to cover up the heaves; how to make
him appear as if he had the glanders; how to make a true-pulling horse
balk; how to nerve a horse that is lame, etc., etc. These horse secr
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