[Firehol-support] NAT on vlan

Guy wyldfury at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 12:27:50 GMT 2009

Hi guys,

I've run into a little problem. I'm using firehol to successfully NAT
traffic to a machine on our hosting company's LAN.
I'm trying to do the same thing again, but there's a difference in the
networks this time.

The setup that works looks like this:
masquerade eth1
dnat to proto tcp dport 8000 inface eth1
dnat to proto tcp dport 80 inface eth1
dnat to proto tcp dport 22 inface eth1
dnat to proto tcp dport 25 inface eth1

router internet2lan inface eth1 outface eth0
        server bhttp1   accept  dst
        server http     accept  dst
        server ssh      accept  dst
        server smtp     accept  dst
        client all accept
The LAN ip for the firehol server is

On the new setup that is failing, the LAN only server is while the firehol server's LAN ip is can still ping though. Is this something odd
with VLANs or is there something obvious I'm not aware of?


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