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Uced to two-thirds, of the width elsewhere by a framing composed of
bundles of sticks bound together with withes and heavily coated with mud
mortar. This was not placed flush with the inner face, but a few inches
back, and the whole structure gives an effect of unusual neatness and
good workmanship. [Illustration: Fig. 81--Section of chimney-like
structure in ruin No. 16] At various other points in the canyons
examples of chimney-like structures occur, none, however, constructed on
the elaborate plan of that last described. Two examples were found in
the large rooms west of the tower in the central portion of Mummy Cave
ruin, and these are especially worthy of attention because they are
attached to rectangular rooms, which there is no reason to suppose were
kivas. The first room appears to have had a shaft only, without a niche
or recess; the second room west of the tower had a recess and a rounded
shaft, while the third-room had neither recess nor shaft. The usual form
of this feature is that shown in figures 80 and 81, and consists only of
a tunnel and shaft. There are not many examples in the canyons:
altogether there may be a dozen now visible, but excavations in the
village ruins would doubtless reveal others. Except the two in Mummy
Cave ruin last mentioned, and some doubtful examples to be described
later, they occur always as attachments to kivas, never to houses. Some
of them, like the Mummy Cave example, were certainly built at the same
time as the kivas, of which they formed a part; others were added to
kivas after those structures had been completed and used. [Illustration:
Fig. 82--Plan of the principal kiva in Mummy Cave ruin.] The kiva in
Casa Blanca ruin (shown in figure 14) appears to have had an appendage
of this sort, not constructed after the usual manner, but added outside
the rectangular wall and composed of mud or adobe. A
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