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Ears! The face of democracy, suddenly seen hideously close, has scared
the guardians of the reigning plutocracy half to death, and they have

gone to the devil himself for aid. Southern Senators,
almost illiterate men, have mixed his acids
with well water and spouted them like

affrighted geysers, not knowing what they did. Nor are they the first
to borrow
from him. Years ago I called attention to the debt incurred with
characteristic forgetfulness of obligation by the late Theodore
Roosevelt, in "The Strenuous Life" and elsewhere. Roosevelt, a typical
apologist for the existing order, adeptly dragging a herring across
the trail whenever it was menaced, yet managed to delude the native
boobery, at least until toward the end, into accepting him as a fiery
exponent of pure democracy. Perhaps he even fooled himself; charlatans
usually do so soon or late.
A study of Nietzsche reveals the sources of much that was honest in
him, and exposes the hollowness of much that was sham. Nietzsche, an
infinitely harder and more courageous intellect, was incapable of any
such confusion of
ideas; he seldom allowed sentimentality to turn him from the glaring
fact. What is called Bolshevism today he saw clearly a generation ago
and described for what it was and is--democracy in another aspect, the
old _ressentiment_

of the lower orders in free function once more. Socialism, Puritanism,

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