[Firehol-support] what comes after firehol?

Rick Marshall rjm at zenucom.com
Sun Jun 12 04:00:16 BST 2011

fwiw i've used firehol for years and just at the moment it still (3 years later!) meets all my needs simpler and better than the more sophisticated products.

Small, but complex setups are our norm. It's mostly the multi-network routing that is so easy with firehol that is the product's biggest strength.

The only thing annoying me at the moment is the RESERVED_IPs code - only private addresses are relevant now with virtually all IPV4 addresses allocated

I have a trivial mod to fix that (basically don't do it any more).


On 12/06/2011, at 12:52 PM, Paul Fox wrote:

> so, i really like firehol:  both the philosophy behind it and the
> implementation, which seems to work pretty well.
> i've used it to protect individual hosts for years, and recently made
> some changes to let it create the firewall script for my openwrt
> router, without needing to actually run on the openwrt box.
> but i also like my firewall maintenance tools to be currently
> maintained.  :-/ :-)  that doesn't seem to be happening -- the last
> release was almost three years ago.
> are there any other tools similar to firehol i should be aware of?
> i've used fwbuilder in the past, and while it works well, and is
> clearly supported, i always feel like it's way more sophisticated than
> i need, and i usually forget how to use its UI in between usages.
> my requirements aren't too special, though i do need support for
> multiple interfaces -- i have different filtering rules for traffic
> going between wan <-> lan, wan <-> wlan, and lan <-> wlan.  and i'm
> starting to think about ipv6, but have no concrete need for that yet.
> is firehol still the right answer for simple firewall creation?
> paul
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